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 Sometimes I wonder what we would do without the movies and television, since most people are glued to either the silver screen or the small screen for most of their entertainment needs. We take a certain vicarious pleasure in following the fortunes of people on reality shows, we chuckle along with the canned laughter on sitcoms, and we find the way detectives go about unraveling crime on crime shows fascinating and intriguing. The movies are similar, but they’re more of a one-night stand than a continuous relationship. And that’s why they have to be really good if they have to stand out in the minds of the moviegoers. If forensics is your cup of tea, then here’s a list of some of the best forensic science movies of all time:  

·       The Bone Collector: I loved the book by Jeffrey Deaver, one of the best he has ever written. His protagonist is white, but after watching the movie, I could not think of a better person to play Lincoln Rhyme than Denzel Washington. Angelina Jolie plays the perfect foil to his brains; she takes on the role of Amelia Sachs, the red-headed detective who does all the legwork in tandem with Rhyme’s brainwork. Rhyme is a quadriplegic who is bound to a wheelchair and who has no feeling below his spine except in one finger. The two cops must race against time to track down a serial killer who commits brutal murders in taxies.
·       Pathology: Milo Ventimiglia (of Heroes fame) stars in this movie along with Alyssa Milano (the perky kid in Who’s the Boss?). Ventimiglia joins the University Hospital in Philadelphia as a young intern who stumbles on a horrific plot by his colleagues where each of them have to commit a murder and then have the rest of the team hone their deduction and forensic skills by solving the case. A must-see movie if you like dark thrillers!
·       Code 33: Based on a real story, this film tracks the investigation effort of two detectives who are out to catch a serial rapist. The movie touches on racism issues because the police profiler figures the perpetrator is African American, and as more and more people get pulled in to provide DNA samples because of their likeness to the killer, the entire town is enveloped in panic and chaos.
·       Murder By Numbers: If you like Sandra Bullock in serious roles (as opposed to the ones she did in Speed and its lackluster sequel), then you must watch this movie. She takes on the role of a disillusioned cop, and pepped up with enthusiasm from her new partner, goes about solving a murder committed by two high school students who think they have gotten away with it.
·       Angels Don’t Sleep Here: Dana Ashbrook plays Michael Daniels, a forensic pathologist who returns to his hometown in search of answers regarding his twin brother’s unexplained disappearance 20 years ago. Instead, he finds himself stalked by someone who he thinks is his brother, and framed for murders that he has not committed. With the help of the local district attorney, Daniels must stay one step ahead to save his life and clear his name.